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Anecoop Praha, s.r.o.

This Spanish company is a main exporter of fruit and vegetables, one of Europe’s largest suppliers of fresh products. We have been cooperating since 2012. We review their financial statements and provide similar consultations.

Contact: Ing. Marta Vasiliková – CEO, tel.: +(420) 233 356 080, e-mail: info@anecoop.eu
Chapman Taylor s.r.o.

This subdivision of a British company focuses on project activities in the commercial construction field. We have been cooperating since 1999 and we provide administration of double-entry and payroll accounting and related accounting consultancy.

Contact: Jon Hale, tel.: 224 214 121
Turkish Airlines, Inc.

This Company is a national, Turkish airline based in Istanbul with almost 300 different destinations. Since 2000 we cooperate with the branch office in Prague in the areas of bookkeeping as well as payroll administration.

VS steel s.r.o.

The company works with CNC-Machining, machine presses and provides other similar services. Since 2015 we cooperate with this company. We preform bookkeeping as well as payroll administration services for this corporation and we advise them on tax matters.

Contact: Ing. Pavel Voborník, e-mail: info@vs-steel.com
IPsecure.cz s.r.o.

The company specializes in providing security for surveillance cameras and the provision of these cameras of the brands VIVOTEK and SONY. Since 2011, we bookkeeping and payroll administration services for this corporation.

Contact: Bc. Martin Sabo – CEO, tel.: +(420) 775 732 331
Skruže Weise CZ k. s.

This branch, responsible for the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic, of the German corporation C. O. Weise GmbH & Co. KG, produces ladders and scaffolding, also for construction sites. We provide them with bookkeeping and payroll administration services as well as consultations in German.

Contact: Monika Kejlová, tel.: +(420) 724 940 878, e-mail: m.kejlova@skruze.com, website: www.coweise.de
Hejl Servis s.r.o.

Media and production agency. Since 2017 we cooperate in the areas of invoice processing and payroll administration.

Contact: Tomáš Hejl – CEO, tel.: +(420) 732 188 027
Svět dalekohledů s.r.o.

This corporation is the parent company of specialized large and small enterprises selling binoculars, scopes and microscopes of renowned brands.

Contact: David Šimek – CEO, tel.: +(420) 608 983 660
DHW s.r.o.

This company is an expert in large-volume transport. Over the last 20 years, the company has been one of the most prestigious and reliable partners in the transport and logistics sector of their region. Since 2005, we have been cooperating with them and we preform bookkeeping and payroll administration services.

Contact: Ing. Hana Pešková, e-mail: peskova@dhw-eko.cz
Trh firem (TF Partners s.r.o.)

This cooperation is specialized in the sale of small and medium-sized enterprises with an annual turnover of more than ten and up to 100 million CZK. Since 2004, we have been cooperating in the areas of bookkeeping and payroll administration as well as negotiations of transactions.

Contact: Ing. Pavol Čakan – CEO, tel.: +(420) 274 822 970
JiViŠ, s.r.o.

This company operates in the management of real estates with residential and commercial characteristics, including the management of owner affairs. Since 2008, we have provided this corporation with invoice processing and payroll administration services in their headquarters.

Contact: Viktor Šíma, tel.: +(420) 266 310 266, e-mail: viktor.sima@jivis.cz
Xanthus a.s.

This company is specializing in information and communication areas as well as industrial automatization. They design, develop and produce custom electronic systems. We have provided this company with bookkeeping services and payroll administration since 2011.

Contact: Miroslav Kocmánek – CEO, tel.: +(420) 602 329 070
Sitta Factory, s.r.o.

Production and sale of distinctive papers. Since 2011, we have been working as their accountant.

Contact: Naďa Putrovcová, e-mail: nada.putrovcova@sittafactory.cz
Vizitky 2000 s.r.o.

Online store that specializes in printing high-quality business cards. We have been co-operating since 2004 and preform bookkeeping services and payroll administration services.

Contact: Martin Pekárek – Geschäftsführer, tel.: +(420) 608 355 755
RCR s.r.o.

Publisher of the model magazine RC revue and RC cars, representing model aircraft, boats and cars. We have been cooperating with this company since 2005 and we provide them with bookkeeping services and payroll administration services.

Contact: Martin Pekárek – CEO, email: martin@rcrevue.cz
Znojemský městský pivovar

Brewery and malthouse, catering. We provide this company with our payroll administration services.

Contact: Miroslav Harašta – Geschäftsführer, email: miroslav.harasta@pivovarznojmo.cz
Gestamp Louny s. r. o.

Production and development of automobile parts. Since 2010, we have provided this corporation with bookkeeping and payroll administration services.

Contact: Jiřina Ksandrová, telefon: (+420) 415 236 200, email: jksandrova@cz.gestamp.com