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Our Services

Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping services are primarily performed externally at our offices. All accountancy is processed through the Premier program created by Premier System a.s. The software allows variable outputs according to the customer’s needs (tracking centres, commissions, cost departments, returns, outputs, etc.). The Company also provides a tax return output as part of the bookkeeping services. Other reports are processed according to the needs of the customer. We are also able to provide bookkeeping services at our customer’s location. In our opinion, external bookkeeping offers several advantages:
  • Immediate coordination between accounting and consultancy activities,
  • Broad and long-term experience of our Company,
  • Efficient operation due to the co-operation with and supervision by accounting and tax consultants as well as auditors.
  • Full responsibility for accounting (in an employment relationship such responsibility does not exist), we are insured for damages that could arise due to our activities,
  • Regular information about changes in accounting and tax regulations,
  • Higher efficiency of accounting and consultancy services

Single-Entry Bookkeeping

We provide single-entry bookkeeping services at our offices. The books are kept using UCTO software. Preparation of related tax records is a standard part of the accounting process. Further outputs can be processed if agreed upon.

Payroll Administration

The Company provides payroll administration for small as well as large organizations. Payroll administration for small organizations is processed in the UCTO software, for large organizations we use the Premier software. Payroll administration includes full communication with the authorities, i.e. preparation and submission of monthly reports to the social security authorities, preparation of reports for inspections performed by the tax authorities, health insurance companies or social security authorities. The client receives completely processed payroll data, including orders for bank transfers for payments of employee´s wages and salaries. It is also possible to agree upon supplying custom data according to the client´s specific needs.

Tax and Accounting Consultancy

Tax consultants continuously review accounting that we prepare for our clients, this allows a connection between accounting and tax issues and potential issues can be identified early. Furthermore, we provide individual tax consultancy services, e.g. tax consultations, tax optimizations, preparation of tax returns, extension for submission of returns and tax audit. Our Company is also experienced in carrying out more extensive projects, e.g. tax issues relating to restructuring of entrepreneurial activities or preparation of due diligence reports.
We offer supervision of accounting completed by employees of the client, assistance with year-end processing, consultation on accounting-related issues and processing outputs and reports for further business needs (cash-flow, reports for banks, etc.)

Other Services

We also offer assistance with tax issues in the financial, controlling or personnel area, e.g., tax optimization, requests for loans, review of labour contracts, forms of notice, etc.